Brown, Helen Marie 1948 –

Helen Marie Brown 1948-

My story is short but here are the details of my life:

I worked in Dowerin after leaving school (Dowerin Primary – Wyalkatchem JHS) in year 10. When I moved to Perth I worked in the R&I Bank and Ansett Airlines until I married Richard Pennington in 1971.

I moved to the Pennington farm in Wandering in 1971 and remained till 1996.

Both Richard and myself are strong community members who have volunteered in every club or organization we have been involved in, namely Sporting clubs (senior and junior clubs) and every position in school committees. I personally have been a volunteer as a Palliative Care/Hospice since training back in 1994 in Narrogin. In Perth, I continued being a volunteer with Silver Chain Hospice and Hollywood Hospital (Palliative Care Ward). Continued in Busselton Hospice and still involved to this day. I was on the Hospice Board and Fundraising Coordinator for some 7 years which was very challenging.

We have 3 children:

Simone 1973 – married Chris Taylor (New Zealander) and have a daughter Isabel who is nearly 9 years old in November and they live in Wattle Grove.

Genelle 1976 – married Aron Abolis (Austrian) and have 2 boys – Everett who is nearly 6 in October and Wesley who was 3 years old in March and they live in Stratham.

Blair 1980 – has a partner Carla Underwood (English) and have a son Archie (named after dad) and he  was born in May 2018. He is also step dad to Chloe who is 14, George who is 11, Loui is 9 and Luca who is 8. To us they are our grandchildren. They living in North Beach.

Richard sold the family farm and we moved to Sorrento (WA) in 1996 and had a wonderful 10 years with beautiful neighbours and long old time friends, some from my Dowerin days.

In 2006 we brought a Guest House in Busselton and ran it for a few years. We closed the B&B facilities due to a knee injury to me. We are now in the midst of selling the property and moving back to North Beach where we built a retirement home and feel the time is now.