Archibald (Archie) Brown 1904-1982

Archibald (Archie) Brown 1904-1982

Archibald (Archie)
Archibald (Archie) Brown

Archibald Brown was a hairdresser in Quairading before enlisting in the 2/11 Battalion at the outset of the Second World War. He was captured by the Germans at Rathmeyo in Crete and became a prisoner of war until the end of the conflict.

After marrying Eileen Alwyn Fox in Sydney moved back  to WA  living Mundaring & Wembley . He worked for well known bookmaker Cliff Derby and they moved to Dowerin where they bought Dowerin General Store .They stayed happily there until their retirement.  They supported all sports ,footy,hockey ,school,bowls (he was foundation treasurer of bowling club ).

Was in the Lodge ,Mum in Red Cross ( being a life member ).  Helped those who couldn’t pay their accounts.  Kind generous citizens, givers not takers.

Before moving to WA Eileen was a Sunday School Teacher and worked as a chef for Qantas in Sydney.She was very well regarded and met many high-profile dignitaries, meeting Prince Phillip being a highlight.

They gave us a wonderful upbringing in Dowerin ,education for me as a boarder at Scotch College when they couldn’t afford it and my sister who preferred to attend Wyalkatchem  High School .

We met Sis, Rita, Grace, Alex, Bill ,George, Neil Lil, Grandma  but weren’t really close .

Archibald (Archie)

Both were tough, fair, kind and encouraged us to have our our beliefs.   Don’t judge people by money, colour, or what they said but what they do.  We both believe  competition is healthy ,those that work hard are entitled to success.  Don’t whinge, get up and have a go.  What more can one ask.  Be happy when folks have success.  We couldn’t have been given better parents even in retrospect.


(A True Story) Written by Margaret Patterson (nee Thomson)

When Sis and Alex visited relatives in Quairading
they often took Cream Eggs and Butter
One day they drove in with their brood
and found the town was all a flutter

“The circus is coming – the circus is coming”
was on everybody’s lips
the mums and dads are going too
and taking all their nips

“oh please dad, please can we go to the circus too”
cried the Thomson kids in unison and he didn’t know what to do
he just shook his head in sorrow and went out to his old Ford Lizzie
put his head down on the steering wheel, his heart in an awful “tissie”

Young Archie Brown came down the track doing a little jig
with his first full pay in ages – only came to a couple of quid
“why Alex what’s the trouble mate – why are you in tears”
so Alex poured his heart out and told Archie all his fears

“the circus is coming – the circus is coming
it’s on everybody’s lips
the mums and dads are going too
and their taking all their nips

“I’ve told my lot that they can’t go” he told Archie in despair
“they can’t go to the circus cause I haven’t got the fare
haven’t got a bloody brass razoo – not enough to buy a smoke
let alone pay for a circus, I’m flat stony bloody broke”

“why Alex you must go man
and take Mary and the kids”
and with that he handed over ALL his pay
his last few precious quid

The circus came – the circus came
the circus came to town
and the Thomson clan enjoyed it too
thanks to darling Archie Brown

ODFA QUAIRADING PREMIERS 1934 Back Row:- H. Kelly, W .Lindon, W. Argus, J. Virgus, C. Haythornewhaite, G. Butcher, W.S. Sharrett, J.C. Shenton, J. Bright, M. Fairhead Front row:-J. Thomson, N. Powell, N. Lewington, R. Argus, (Ump) A. Brown (capt), F. Foot, A.C. Kelly, W. Sharrett