Anne (Annie) Brown 1893-1973

Annie married Bert Wass, a farrier and blacksmith.
Bert Wass at footy circa 1955

Bert helping to unload boxed Austin trucks


James Bray  married Rheta Wass, daughter of Annie Brown. Jim unfortunately was killed in WW2 but they did have a son, also named James.


by their daughters Raeleen – Sue – Dixie
Esma (mum) was born 1926 in Quairading, her parents were Bert and Annie Wass.
Dixie (dad) was born 1927 in York, his parents were Willie and Hebe Betts.
They married on the 5th February, 1947 in the Quairading Hall.
As a young vibrant woman, mum went to Perth and worked at Equity Tailoring as a seamstress. She was
joined by her best friend Cathy Hitchman and the two of them enjoyed visiting movie theatres and dances
at the Embassy Ballroom. This was during the war and mum recalls there were a lot of American sailors in
town, who were apparently great dancers. When her work at Equity finished, she returned to Quairading
and worked at the hospital as a nursing aide.
Dad had to leave school early because his two older brothers enlisted to serve in WW11. Willie (Pa) Betts
had purchased 600 acres in Dangin under the soldier settlement scheme, so dad was needed to help on
the farm whilst his brothers were away.
Mum recalls with laughter there was a lot of rivalry between Quairading and Dangin regarding sport, and
the ‘courting’ of young eligible women and at no stage did she intend to marry a Dangin lad, in particular
any of those rebel Betts or Hadlow boys!!! Well dad must have impressed her somehow (and it certainly
wasn’t his moves on the dance floor that did it) as they married when he was 19 and she was 20.
After marriage they lived on the Dangin farm with Pa and Hebe Betts until Raeleen was born. Pa then
insisted they move to a little house in Dangin to start a proper family life on their own. Pa was a sick man
due to severe war injuries from Gallipolli so he and Hebe purchased a house in Subiaco and retired. Dad
took over the farm and he and his brother Peter built a house, including making the bricks, as the old farm
house was dilapidated. Sue and Dixie were born during this time.
Life on the farm was great. Dad worked hard, mum was a wonderful wife and we three girls had a fabulous
In the 1960’s they sold the farm and built a house in Quairading. Dad became an Ampol agent and bought
a school bus run. They were also approached by the owner of the Quairading Hotel to seek their interest
in leasing the hotel for 3 years. They agreed and even though it was hard work they both loved the
experience and the pub became a popular venue.
In the 1980’s they left Quairading to return to farming on the original small Betts farm in Tenterden, then
finally retired to Mandurah in the early 1990’s (with the house also in Quairading)
Dad passed away in 2000 and Mum in 2013.
They adored their daughters
Their daughters adored them
Raeleen married Tony Brown, an English man, and lives in Upminster, Essex UK.
They have 2 children: Charity and Jacob and 4 grandchildren
Sue married Neil McAullay and lives in Mt Lawley WA.
They have 2 children: Lauren and Jane and 3 grandchildren
Dixie had a brief marriage before meeting her long-term partner Darryl Adams and lives in Albany WA.
They didn’t have children